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Good shot. Dammit.
— Tiger Woods

Welcome to Friday!! Today marks number 99 of 365 - I hope you made it count! I have a feeling this weekend is going to be a sassy one. How about a few fun facts before we embark on all the shenanigans...

That wonderful time of year has arrived yet again. The Masters. Hooray! Even though there is a very handsome Texan - Jordan Spieth - currently running away with the lead, I have to admit, I am having a tough time concentrating on the game. Have you ever seen so many perfect shades of green?! If I had to imagine what the Garden of Eden looked like, I think Augusta National Golf Club would be it. But better, because there is golf involved. 

So, what better way to celebrate the beauty of the Masters than digging up a few horticulturally themed fun facts:

googled: fun facts about the masters

  • There are sixty different varieties of azalea living throughout the course.
  • The famous wisteria vine that covers the Clubhouse is not native to Georgia, or any part of the United States for that matter. The plants at Augusta are thought to be some of the first planted in the country.
  • The pine tree is the most abundant type of tree on the course.
  • Ike's Pond is named after General Eisenhower, the only president ever extended membership. 
  • Ike's Tree was a Loblolly that jutted into the fairway of No. 17. It was called "Ike's Tree" because he hit it so many times. President Eisenhower actually petitioned to have the tree removed...twice. (Apparently even presidential requests have limits...) When the tree fell in a 2014 storm, seedlings were saved. The hope is to one day replant them on the course.
  • There are sixty magnolias lining Magnolia Lane. There were originally sixty-one, but a storm in 2011 caused a tree to fall.
  • The fairways are consistently mowed in one direction: back toward the tee box. This specific direction lessens the roll of the golf ball, and causes the holes to play slightly longer.
  • Each hole is named after a plant or shrub. For example, No. 3 is called "Flowering Crab Apple." 
  • The trees, flowers, greens, and shrubs are hand watered to prevent excessive run off.
  • The "big oak tree" on the golf course side of the Clubhouse is about 145-150 years old. It was planted during the 1850's. 

Sunday evenings can be a time for gloomy moods, but this week, I am actually looking forward to those final hours of daylight. Even though people think golf can be a dull sport to watch, the final round of the Masters is always unpredictable. I really have my fingers crossed for Spieth, because I would love to see some history made. If he wins, he would be the youngest person to ever win the Masters. Could he be the new Tiger?! Either way, both he and Under Armor are having major moment right now. Move over Nike. But, then again, their commercial - "Ripple" - nearly brought me to tears. Whether golf is your game or not, hearing your idol utter the words, "Good shot. Dammit." has to be a moment you never forget. Enjoy watching Rory McIlroy's below.... (Bonus fun fact: Nike was the Greek Goddess who personified victory!) 

Every athlete grows up dreaming of emulating their heroes. Not many actually get to do it. 

I'll be out playing tourist in my city this weekend. #CherryBlossoms See you Monday!!