it begins.

Hi! Hello! Welcome! I'm so excited you are here! Yay! 

As you can see, I wore my party pants. So let's get this thing started...

Spring is a season steeped in firsts. The first blooms of the year. The first days above 50 degrees. The first chirps of birds returning from the south. And today, the first post on Scopes. In the spirit of new beginnings, the timing for launching this project couldn't be more perfect. When I finally nailed down a date to begin this adventure and realized it was the first day of Spring, I knew it was a sign. I knew it was going to be sassy. Now, the moment has finally arrived. And so, It Begins...

Scopes is the first physical home for my writing, but the ideas started flowing way back in 2007 during my senior year at Marian High School. I have Mr. Koesters - and his World Religions' writing assignments - to thank for helping me find my "writer's voice." (As well as, Ms. Lehnhoff's endless patience with college essay edits.)  But it wasn't until this past year, that some key moments finally shifted me into the right place to truly begin this adventure. The Universe and the Big Guy Upstairs said I was clear for take off, so this SR-71 Blackbird roared down the runway. And I'm not going to lie, it was pretty intimidating trying to find my flight path in the blogosphere.

When I made the decision to begin writing Scopes, I was surprised by the feedback I received from close family and friends. Nearly every one of them asked if it was going to be a fashion blog. I was flattered they believed my knowledge of the topic was worthy to share, but I also felt a twinge of disappointment. A feeling of predictability. The Christina they know would start a blog about fashion. As they asked the question, that word drifted in the air sounding shallow and tired. The wary in their voice spoke the words their brain wouldn't permit them to say, "Not another fashion blog." Thankfully, I could reply with, "No. It's way sassier!" to spare us both. And it was their turn to be surprised. 

Scopes is a blog of short stories. Specifically my stories, and the lessons I have learned along the way. At 26, I know the wisdom isn't exactly Earth shattering, but my gray hairs do make me look pretty legit! The snippets written in Scopes will cover a wide variety of topics. Dating. Moments of kismet. Science. The military. You know, the good stuff. Of course, elements of fashion will also be threaded throughout, but - unlike so many others - it will not be the stitching that holds Scopes together. The perspectives and "ah-ha moments" will be reflective of who I am as a person, and I sincerely hope you find a few bits and pieces that are relatable and relevant to your own life. If all else fails, I think you might find some entertainment, because you definitely just stumbled across a #raregem.  

But more than new perspectives and some good laughs, I want Scopes to be a place that inspires exploration and reignites curiosity. I once read the average four year old asks nearly 400 questions a day. (After working in pediatrics, I know this to be a fact.) Their extreme curiosity is natural, and stems from a developmental stage designed to help them rapidly understand the world in which they live. As adults, we know the ropes by now. We don't need to ask, "Why is water wet?" (Yes, I was asked this. Still stumped on how to explain.) But we certainly don't know everything, and we shouldn't lose our sense of wonder and curiosity. I am constantly Googling things. My search history is insane. My last three: "helioseismology," "pizza place in Brookline, Mass.," and "sodium laureth sulfate." Don't stop asking questions simply because you are older than four. Being four was awesome (bring back the naps!), and so is knowledge.

They say curiosity kills the cat, so I guess it's a good thing they have nine lives. I fully intend to use all of mine, and share them with you as much as possible. As Scopes fills with stories, you will begin to notice over arching themes. These themes will help categorize and place life's scattered moments into the bigger picture. I will elaborate further on these specifics in the coming days and weeks. Scopes has both a unique architecture and origin, and the details are the corner stone to her foundation. But for now, I will leave you with this...

Scopes are the tools used to observe snippets of life. Their lenses range from the infinitesimal to the infinite.

Have an awesome weekend you sassy cats! I'll see you on Monday. 


Kudos and many thanks to Adelaide Gray (Image Studio 330) and Hannah Walczuk  (Hannah Elise Photography).