the seven.

The seven seas. The seven deadly sins. The seven wonders of the world. And now, The Seven Scopes: 

  1. Microscopes
  2. Stethoscopes
  3. Periscopes
  4. Kaleidoscopes
  5. Sniperscopes
  6. Horoscopes
  7. Telescopes

When I first decided on the name "Scopes" for my blog, I had no idea the project would blossom into such an intricate framework. I actually wasn't sure what to do with the idea, so it sat in the back of my brain for a few months. It was a random Thursday afternoon in January that I found myself frantically Googling the different types of scopes. After a surge of curiosity the idea hit me: I would choose seven different scopes that provide seven distinct fields of vision. This would be my niche. This would be what separated Scopes from all the others. And the rest is history. 

So here I am two months later, ready to finally reveal the grand design. (Yay!) As you have guessed, there are Seven themes or topics. As I fill Scopes with snippets of life, each will be filed under one of The Seven. Each "-scope" was chosen knowing it would represent something deeper than just the traditional understanding of how it's used. While the conventional definitions are applicable, it will be my personal interpretations of The Seven that really bring Scopes to life.

Microscopes for the overlooked. Stethoscopes for the loved. Periscopes for the obstacles. Kaleidoscopes for the optimists. Sniperscopes for the brave. Horoscopes for the predestined. Telescopes for the dreamers.

Individually, The Seven are very specific, and thus, not always useful. Their fields of vision are too narrow. Microscopes provide too much detail, and Telescopes not enough. Periscopes focus on getting through rough waters, while Kaleidoscopes only see objects through rose colored lenses. Relying on only one Scope to examine life creates a misleading and distorted image of what the big picture truly looks like.

So focused on our goals or disappointments, we put our blinders on and forge ahead. One by one we miss the scenic views on either side. Suddenly, we are shocked to realize there was a beautiful rose garden or snow capped mountain. We feel a tug, a twinge of remorse, and it doesn't stem from regret. We would not have chosen a different path. Rather, it is wishing we had remembered to look at our surroundings, not just the view in front of us.

The Seven help us take in all the scenery. The big details and the small. The best views and the worst. It's hard remembering that life is not a race, and that it's okay to pause and adjust the magnification. There are no winners, just our family and friends who can be lost on the trail at anytime. So stop and smell the roses. Revel in the moments of life as they day at a time. Don't dwell in the disappointments. Don't only focus on getting to the milestones. Don't let those random moments of perfection escape you. Because in the end, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." 

Congrats on surviving Monday!! Now that I have explained the background and architecture of Scopes, I can begin posting my definitions and visions for each of The Seven. The fun begins on Wednesday. Get pumped.