defined: kaleidoscopes.

Good days and great days.
— Michael M.

The motto of an eternal optimist. It's a simple declaration of refusing to let negativity ruin our day, much less our life. It's an understanding that there will be highs and lows in this journey, and we won't dwell in the valleys. It's acknowledging that misery loves company, but it won't be ours. It takes a strong mind to consistently find the positive in each day, especially when that moment isn't an obvious one. 

Kaleidoscopes are the tool we use to find that moment. This scope is the physical manifestation of seeing life through rose-colored lenses. (Only sassier, because we see more than just pink.) Kaleidoscopes take what little light is offered, and spin the lackluster into extraordinary. Turning the world upside down and injecting it full of color, this scope shows us there is beauty in the complex. 

Things in life are often described as being black and white. Decisions. Facts. Rules. We have come to expect clear cut, concise answers to our questions. Anything less, it falls in the gray area and is considered inadequate. The system works until an idea doesn't fit into black, or the solution can't be found in white. There is no way around the gray, and we are stuck.

Truth be told, the simplicity of black and white can often times hold us back. Defining life by their standards leaves no room to question, explore, or grow. They don't allow us to problem solve. They trap us into thinking life should be one way or the other. Black and white might be visually stunning together, but they don't allow us to find the beauty in life's difficult moments. 

In the gray world of unanswered questions and unsolved problems, the Kaleidoscope brings hope. It inspires creativity. It invites a fresh start. A flash of vivid color to reignite our spirit and brighten our once dull outlook. Our mindset begins to shift. We focus less and less on the negative. Instead, we begin to search for that little speck of color. We break molds. We move forward. We find happiness. Because positive thoughts empower us. 

Mind over matter. Sometimes we have to fake it until we make it. It's a scary moment of limbo, waiting for the momentum to shift and the positive force to take over. Kaleidoscopes give us strength. The strength to live beyond the black and white. The strength to recognize there are only good days and great days.

Kaleidoscopes: the Scope used to 1) harness the power of positive thinking and 2) inject color into a world defined by black and white

Adelaide Gray (Image Studio 330) and Hannah Walczuk (Hannah Elise Photography) knocking it out of the ballpark...again.