defined: telescopes.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.
— Les Brown

Each morning we are given two choices: to continue sleeping with our dreams, or to wake up and chase them. To move forward, we must choose the chase. Some days we gain more ground than others, but it is not always about the progress. It is the movement itself that is imperative. Because in an odd way, the chase is what anchors us. It is the gravitational pull that moves us through life. One dream at a time. 

Telescopes are the tool we use to locate our dreams. They lie in every corner of the Universe. Waiting. Using the perspective of this scope, we first map how close to home our priorities lie. Then, we decide how far we are willing to go in order to turn our dreams into realities. Telescopes are special, because they have dual visibility. They are capable of seeing the bigger picture looking both forwards and backwards. Through its lens, we visualize our future and map our course, or we reflect on the past and learn from hindsight. 

Telescopes highlight the infinite number of directions life can take us. Our goals, happiness, and desires are not always found in one place. They might not be close to home. They might not be easily found. Despite the distance and the difficulty, every dream is worth the chase. The Universe does not know boundaries, limitations, or restraints. Looking through the Telescope we realize that if we can dream it, we can achieve it.

Sometimes we have dreams that are so gigantic, they are downright daunting. Our "dream" college. Or our "dream" career. They scare us. They seem unrealistic. They feel unattainable. There is a high risk of missing our mark, but these dreams are the most important. They push us to be better. They teach us to believe in ourselves. Knowing we will lose contact with mission control, it is a defining moment of self reliance. Some of these attempts result in great success, and other times we find ourselves lightyears away from our intended location. Thanks to the Grand Design, both of these scenarios are ideal. We gained valuable experience. We moved toward our destiny. We landed among the stars. 

At certain points in life we pause to look back. A break from the chase, we revel in just how far we have come. In these moments we often find clarity. We finally realize that falling short did not mean failure. The closed doors were not rejections, but rather redirections. We shot for the moon, and now we understand why we missed. It wasn't a lack of capability. It was timing. We were not meant to land there, because our heart held dreams our brain did not yet recognize. (But Something else did...) 

More often than not, it takes reaching one destination to realize where we need to go next. Our feet might be on the ground, but our eyes continuously scan the sky. We will not quit the chase. We will not fear the fall. We are dreamers, and we believe anything is possible. 

Telescopes: the Scope used to 1) move forward by chasing our dreams and 2) gain clarity by reflecting on our past

There was panic and there was misadventure, but Adelaide Gray (Image Studio 330) and Hannah Walczuk (Hannah Elise Photography) saw me through. Thanks ladies!

SURPRISE!! It's a musical snack!!