Is my bow tie straight?!
— girls who blog

I knew Scopes would be a project. Not the kind where you think "oh this will just take me 10 minutes..." and then 10 hours later it's still not done. (Don't lie, you've been there.) But the kind of project that you are willing to let take over your life. I was prepared for that. What I wasn't prepared for, was the intimidation factor. Once I got beyond the excitement, this scary realization set in: there are millions of other blogs and Scopes needs a home. Suddenly, the steep learning curve turned into a sheer cliff. [Small meek voice] "Helllllp." 

I checked out the book Blogging for Dummies (don't judge! do you know the pros and cons to using Wordpress versus Blogspot?!), but I could only gather so much information from its pages. I knew I needed to reach out to other bloggers. I'm not a shy person, but the thought of shooting off an email to say "Hello!" was one of the most intimidating hurdles of beginning Scopes. Something inside of me froze. I don't think it was a fear of rejection per say, but rather the thoughts of, "They are busy. They don't have time to be bothered by my small blog." that held me back. The Universe knew I needed a little extra push out of the nest.

It came in the form of Dean. If you haven't already met him, allow me to introduce you. Say hello to Proper Kid Problems (PKP). Here, here, and here. I hope the gentlemen in the crowd are taking notes, because Dean has some seriously great style. Rain or shine, he is always on point. (Or as the young kids say these days, "on fleek.") I found him - and his perfect balance between attire and satire - on twitter almost two years ago. Long before I ever thought of writing a word of Scopes. 

Fast forward to this past February, and a brainstorm session over Costco pizza (a guilty pleasure and my best thinking spot). I wrote down a list of bloggers who I admired and would - perhaps - be willing to lend some insight. Dean immediately came to mind. I've loved following his well dressed journey through D.C., and I toyed with the idea of reaching out to him several times. Emails were started, but never finished.

So, when a message from Dean landed in my inbox a few weeks ago, it was a moment of pure kismet. He introduced himself as the founder of Proper Kid Problems, but no introduction was necessary. I couldn't believe he had not only found Scopes - she was just a few weeks old - but had taken the time to reach out to me! Dean asked if I would be interested in participating in Proper Profiles, and I was beyond flattered. 

I tried to contain the excitement and reply like a normal human being, and I also told Dean about how I had been working up the courage to say hello over the last few months. His reply was so perfect, "Oh I wish you would have reached out!" There it was. Proof. Proof that the people behind these amazing blogs are searching for connections. Just like me. Dean's message was the extra oomph I needed. 

The following weekend we met for a stroll - power walking on cobblestones in Kate Spade sling backs was not happening - around Georgetown to capture my personal style. I have received multiple compliments while working at J.Crew, but being chosen by Dean for Proper Profiles is probably the best one I've ever gotten. Nothing beats recognition from a fellow peer, especially one you have looked to for inspiration. 

I hope there is someone reading this who needs that same little extra oomph to take a leap. Not necessarily in the realm of blogging, but in any aspect of life. So, here it is...go for it! Don't let the intimidation hold you back. I'm still not sure why I let mine. My paralysis from analysis almost became a missed opportunity! My afternoon with PKP did more than feature my style, it give me the courage to hit send. Scopes might be small, but she is no longer a shrinking violet. No inbox is safe...

Endless thanks to Dean for so perfectly capturing this whimsical take on a traditional moment. Read the full Proper Profiles post here, and follow his stylish adventures on Twitter, Instagram, as well as the PKP Blog