defined: stethoscopes.

She had a great big heart, but very little grace. Every time she fell in love, she landed on her face.
— Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Volume 3

Few things stand the test of time. Over the course of history kingdoms have fallen, fashions have faded, and technologies have revolutionized. Love, however, has remained. The ways in which we express love have certainly evolved, but it is essentially the same glue that has always held us together. With each passing century, the world continues to see billions of love stories. While few are forever immortalized in history books, each is legendary in its own way. 

Stethoscopes is the tool we use to hear our love story. Trapped inside our chest, the heart taps out an endless morse code. From the faintest pitter patters, to loud thumps of undulated excitement, the heart communicates endless tales. Stethoscopes hear them all. The beats that start wars. That inspire masterpieces. That make life worth living. This scope gives us the power to communicate love after words have fallen short.  

We are - for the most part - independent, self-sufficient creatures. We don't need another person, or any of our favorite things in order to survive. But we are not meant to be alone. Love has survived thousands of years, because of its power to fulfill. Nothing else in this world matches its ability to fill certain voids. Love can make the colors in a sunset richer, it can ease the pain of our worst day, or it can ignite a fire inside we never knew existed. (Does Mac 'N Cheese make you feel this way too?!) So, we let love in. We let it burrow in deep.

The more space we give love, the more vulnerable we become. It's a double edged sword, and we constantly face the threat of being cut. At some point in life we all experience the pain. A friend's stab. A great loss. A harsh breakup. Love can be a cruel game with exhausting rules. Especially, when it comes to dating. Fouls. Upsets. Your best friend getting the Cinderella Story. Play long enough, and we reach a breaking point. 

Did I wait long enough to text back? Should I invite them to this? What do all the "likes" mean? Modern romance. A game of cat and mouse. Playing uninterested to spark interest. Reading into every action and word trying to find a meaning. At times, we feel so lost and confused the story might as well be written in another language. We throw our hands up in frustration and walk off the court. "I just want to be me. I don't want to play this game anymore." That moment in which we listen to our heart, is often the moment we find the soul whose heart flutters, races, and stops right along side ours. Through patience and careful listening, the Stethoscope finds our Soul Mate.

Love is one of life's biggest risks. The word "fall" is used for a reason. Unlike cats, we don't always land on our feet. Sometimes when we fall, we fall hard and land on our face. Bruised and broken we do our best to gracefully walk away, muttering that we will never leap again. But we will, because Stethoscopes give us the courage. It gives us faith that somewhere - in this great big world - there is a heart with a beat that mimics our own. Our love stories might not be written in the pages of history, but if we listen closely, we learn that Someone has already already written them in the stars.

Stethoscopes: the Scope used to 1) hear our love stories as told by the heart and 2) find the one whose morse code matches ours

Last minute magic captured by Hannah Walczuk (Hannah Elise Photography).