In honor of the Met Gala this evening, let's talk fashion (faux pas): 

May the odds be ever in your favor.
— Effie Trinket

Working at J.Crew you quickly begin to realize just how many people own a solid chunk of your closet, and I have become an excellent Crew spotter. On the metro, at the grocery store, and even on episodes of my favorite shows, I see Jenna and Micky's creations everywhere. I guess that would make it statistically impossible to not eventually run into someone wearing a piece you own, or even the exact same dress you have on that day. But, I'm not good with numbers, so I take my chances. 

In the pre-9 AM haze, my brain was still on autopilot. Needless to say, the shriek of "Oh, my God!" really startled me. (I am not a morning person.) It took a few moments before I gathered my wits. When I finally snapped into reality, I looked up to see a girl wearing the exact same dress as me. I told you numbers are not my thing...

Her same was Sarah S., and whether it was by statistics or chance, the Universe had just played an evil trick. Sarah and I proceeded to stroll to the metro together chatting like old friends. We parted ways on the platform to catch different trains, but not before exchanging numbers and one last compliment. It was good we were able to shake off an epic fashion jolt. It was better when the potentially awkward moment turned into a beautiful compliment. It was best when I made a new friend. 

A year later, I know Sarah's closet like it's my own. (Sometimes I wish it was - that sassy cat has great style!) Turns out the Swoop Dress in Lattice Work Medallion is not our only matching item. But what is even better than sporting our Firework Floral Pants or Popovers in Photo Floral together, is the friendship that has blossomed. A friend I may have never found without that "fashion faux pas" moment.

I have style number A3921 to thank for bringing Sarah and her roommate Emily W. into my life. Due to the closed up world in which we live - with our headphones blasting music and our fingers scrolling through emails - I would have probably never acknowledged their presence or said more than a quick, cordial hello. I am so thankful the mass produced Dress forced me into that uncomfortable moment in my hallway. It forced me to say something more. It forced me to make a genuine connection. Something we don't do nearly enough of. Because of the Dress, I now spend Sunday evenings with my two favorite (old) neighbors painting nails, watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and discussing our next purchase at - where else - the Crew.

Sadly, in true transient D.C. fashion, this ritual won't last much longer. Sarah is headed to an amazing law school in the fall, and Emily will marry a handsome Texan come September. I will relish every moment spent with these girls between now and then. We might be parting ways soon, but their friendships will certainly last longer than the fading fashions. I can't wait for my next moment of twinning to occur thanks to a statistical nightmare or epic cosmic moment. I choose the latter, and thank my lucky stars every day for Sarah and Emily, and of course, the Dress. If you choose the former...well, as Effie Trinket says, "May the odds be ever in your favor."

Thanks to Adelaide Gray (Image Studio 330) for making A3921 shine, and Hannah Walczuk (Hannah Elise Photography) for perfectly capturing this moment of twinning 👯