Done is better than perfect.
— Sheryl Sandberg

I launched SCOPES on the first day of spring in 2015. When I started the project, I was ambitious and ready to take on the world of blogging. To say I bit off more than I could chew is a major understatement. A few months in and I was paralyzed. Never mind the pressure for high-quality photos and new clothes to be photographed in, it was the pursuit of perfection that left me motionless.

I felt pressure for each story to be as good as - if not better than - the last. I kept my ideas bottled up inside waiting for the perfect moment to sit down and write. I waited for perfection, and time slipped away.  

Worst of all, I left you hanging. So a special shout out to anyone who started this journey with me and is still here (HI!) And a huge THANK YOU to anyone who ever hit "like," left a comment, or sent an email...wow. Those little actions still mean the absolute world to me.

Looking back, I set myself up for failure. SCOPES was innovative, but too complex. If you could do a side-by-side comparison of her pages today to those of the original layout, you would notice a stark contrast. The old layout was intricate, bulky, and crowded. The new design is simple and minimalist. I think it accurately portrays the evolution that occurred in my own life over the past two years. 

Perhaps the most noteworthy change is the "seven scopes" no longer exist. When I came to the realization they were holding me back, I ditched them. The idea seems shocking now since they were the backbone to SCOPES, acting as both the framework and namesake. But I don’t regret the decision. Not one bit. 

While I still love how unique my whole concept of the seven scopes is, I can’t sit down and explain it in detail to each new visitor. SCOPES 2.0 not only feels more inviting, but more importantly, it's manageable. Manageable for you as a reader, and manageable for me as a writer. 

If you're new and thinking, "What the hell is a scope?" allow me to explain. My blog was originally designed around seven “scopes” or perspectives, and every story I wrote fell into one of the following categories: 

  1. Microscopes for the small moments that make a big impact.
  2. Stethoscopes for the tales of dating and love. 
  3. Periscopes for those moments when you kick like mad just to keep your head above water. 
  4. Kaleidoscopes for moments of inspiration and optimism. 
  5. Sniperscopes for stories about the military. 
  6. Horoscopes for the magical moments in the universe. 
  7. And, last but not least, Telescopes to capture all of the big dreams.

Doesn’t it sound neat? It was, but only once you understood the whole concept. So for my adventurers with time on their hands, I archived the definitions of the seven scopes under “The Originals.” As my first pieces of writing (let’s all cringe together), I felt a sense of nostalgia and obligation to give them a home. However, from here on out, the only active categories on SCOPES will be:

Stories: the longer creative writing pieces about life and the lessons I learn from well dressed misadventures. 

Wish list (weekly series): adult-ing is hard, and so are budgets. These short posts will feature one item currently sitting in an online shopping cart. 

Googled (weekly series): arguably one of the best parts of from the original SCOPES. Here we keep the spirit of living like a four year old alive, and soak in all the random knowledge like a sponge. 

Those are the three primary elements to SCOPES as you know her today, but don’t be surprised if you find little changes and tweaks here and there. Fonts, colors, the layout. It’s all fair game. When I decided to start this project, I gave myself just one rule: done is better than perfect.

I can’t tell you how liberating that mantra was during the process. The SCOPES remodel took one week from start to finish. And to be honest, it’s the fastest I've ever worked through a project of this scale. Especially on a creative endeavor. There are so many places to agonize over perfection when building a website, but I did something very unlike me: I let go. 

I focused on the big pieces and made quick decisions on smaller details. The kind of details where the old me would have gotten stuck fighting for perfection. Not last week. I gave myself flexibility and permission to come back later. Come back to fix, tinker, and play

because SCOPES will never be perfect. After all, isn’t that the whole point of this?! Capturing all the perfectly, imperfect moments of life?! 

Ironically enough, I had one of those moments last Sunday. This post was actually meant to go live with the launch and welcome readers to the new layout. But when 8:58pm (that’s when the magic happens on my Instagram…have you noticed?!) rolled around, I posted about the launch and closed my laptop. This piece was left unfinished and saved in a Word document. 

The old me would have postponed the launch. The new me shrugged. “I’ll come back to it later.” And sure enough, I did. The world didn’t end. I got a solid night of sleep, crushed my 5am workout, and forgave myself. That’s the difference between 2017 and 2015. 

A lot of things have changed around here, but a lot of things are still the same. I still love the power a red lip gives me. I still love sitting in the passenger side of my best friend’s ride. And I still love my all black uniform. I’m the same girl who started this story, but stronger and more polished. I can't wait for you to see it in the writing, too. 

While I can’t guarantee every piece will resonate with you, I can guarantee authenticity. Here’s a look ahead to the future of SCOPES: 

  1. Why 2016 sucked, and why I needed it. 
  2. The single thing that has changed every aspect of my life. 
  3. My fight with moving to New York. (Again.) 
  4. How wearing a single color has given me freedom. 
  5. My recent career change and future goals. 

I leave these notes here more for me than for you. I am not a quitter, and this list is my promise to you. A promise that I will come back and finish what I started. It won’t be perfect, but it will be done. 

Until then, let’s live. 
Christina Marie