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great expectations

Here I am, yet again, arriving fashionably late to the party. It's taken me a full twenty-six days to get my shit together, and I'm blaming Mercury's retrograde. (Such divine timing for a productive 2016...jokes.) The rest of you (non Capricorn) over achievers had your 2015 reflections posted, 2016 resolutions written, and NYE plans sorted back on December 31st, so the topic of fresh starts might be old news to you. But that overrated, anticlimactic one second leap from 11:59:59 PM to 12:00:00 AM failed to be the magical kick start I needed.

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Working at J.Crew you quickly begin to realize just how many people own a solid chunk of your closet, and I have become an excellent Crew spotter. On the metro, at the grocery store, and even on episodes of my favorite shows, I see Jenna and Micky's creations everywhere. 

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"Is my bow tie straight?!" - girls who blog

I knew Scopes would be a project. Not the kind where you think "oh this will just take me 10 minutes..." and then 10 hours later it's still not done. (Don't lie, you've been there.) But the kind of project that you are willing to let take over your life. I was prepared for that. 

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